You are a snake made up of many joined together segments with a very strange control scheme. He just wants to find apples and have a good time.

Be sure to not fall off the tree in your pursuit for greatness, but if you fall off, you can save yourself from your untimely demise if you are quick enough :)


PC: Space

Mobile: Tap

Made in 48 hours for the GMTK 2021 Game Jam

The theme was "Joined together" this fits the theme as you play as a snake with many segments which are joined together.

All music, code and art was written during the jam period, but the snake move sound is taken from: under "Cartoon Bubbles popping"

Made with HTML5 and Typescript


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nice, made with phaserjs?

Nope, made with plain canvas and typescript!

pretty hard but cool concept

Really interesting idea. Makes you really think about what to do next. <3

Thank you!