You are a in a spacecraft on a crash course to a distant planet. Luckily, your ship has many Emergency Protocols, which activate after each other, and each have unique controls from one another. Unluckily, only your last remaining Protocol will work on the planet. All others fail. 

You need to destroy each one, one after another, until you reach the end, where you can just cruise to safety. And also you have a limited time to do this until your ship crashes.

Made for the WOWIE game jam 3.0, the theme being "Failure is progress" The game fits the theme as, the more you fail, the more progress you make towards your final form.

This game was made with HTML5 and typescript. There are no sprites used, only circles, rectangles and triangles. Idk why I limited myself this way but I think it worked out.

All code, music, "art" and sound effects were made during the jam.


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This game can be impossible if RNG wants to be an ass for meteor spawning

Now, this is what I call original! (the alternate flappy is the worst)


how even ships are even there??????

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Wow! This had me on the edge of my seat more than I ever thought it would! It led to a super-satisfying feeling when I finally finished it.

Super fun! unique concept! I loved it!