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Vital signs is game where you have to pilot and take care of a human being who is currently running a marathon.

You will have to manage his heartbeat, breathing, temperature, speed and exhaustion, just so you can make this human live to see another day.

Complete the race fast enough, and you might receive a prize for you efforts!

Code and Music by BurningApparatus

Art by Gloatingmean4:


NOTE: You do not have to learn how to play from this. there is an in-game tutorial that is much better.

The heart will slowly shrink if you do not click on it. If the heart gets too small, you will lose.

Breath is represented by a slider which slowly falls. Click and drag it up to keep breathing. It this slider falls to the bottom, you will loose

Your thirst is represented by the white bar. It will slowly run out. To replenish it, click the bottle. Note that you cannot breathe while drinking.

Your temperature is represented by the red and yellow bar. It slowly rises, and if it rises too high, you will loose. To cool down, press the sweat button. Note that this does consume thirst.

The button with the up and down arrows will increase your speed. At 0 you are standing still, and at 5 you are sprinting. The faster you go, the faster your heartbeat and breathing rate are. You will also get thirstier, and hotter.

The horizontal bar represents you progress in the race. You goal is to get to there without fainting or dying.

The brown bar represents your tiredness. It rises with your speed, and how far you are in the race. It will only fall when you are standing still.

Made in 72 hours for the extra credits game jam.

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Tags2D, extracredits, GameMaker, Management


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Oh gosh, so many things to take care about! Amazing tutorial, Is incredible you found the time to incorporate it in just 3 days. Everything works very well together, art, sound effects, music and gameplay. The only thing I would recommend is to add some text labels or icons next to the bars to remind the player what each one does.. Even after doing the tutorial twice I couldn't remember :'(


Thank you for your feedback! I'll definitely add labels in the post jam edition  :)

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A really good concept with even better execution! I love the look and especially the console-like intro and dialogs. The only thing is that its gets very hard to press the heart when it has already decreased a bit (and I wish I could stop drinking). But overall a really creative entry!

Thank you for the feedback!

Nice work! I had fun with it. Took me a few tries to get the hang of it. Beat it at 123 seconds in 8th place!

Thank you!

Really cool concept with a really elegant execution. I think the text parsing sound is extremely sharp though so I had to mute the game unfortunately. But still a super solid entry, great work! 


Oops! Sorry about that, I probably should have toned that down, haha. Will keep in mind next time! Thanks for you feedback.

This is pretty enjoyable, music was pretty cool.

Nicely done!


Thank you! Glad you liked it!